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About us ...

Gika Capital is a limited liability company (LLC), an investment firm owned by Galorbi. Our mission is to identify, invest in and provide solutions that affect growth and development.

Gika Capital is a firm of experienced investors with a collaborative and client-focused culture. Our main purpose is to help our clients or partners achieve their investment objectives in a secure environment full of confidence. If Gika Capital is an investment firm owned by Galorbi.

If Gika Capital clients win, we win as well. Gika Capital is committed to transparency with respect to our business practices, ethic as well as our investment philosophy and methodology. Through our social media, publications, speaking engagements and this website, we regularly share our perspectives with clients and others interested in emerging investment trends and issues.

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Gika Capital takes equity positions in several companies, based on careful strategy, in a variety of forms...


In business, Gika Capita has an interest in several organizations and the outcomes of their actions. 

Commodities Trading

Gika Capital primarily trades crude oil and oild products, Gold, Silver, Soybeans, Wheat and Natural gas.


Gika Capital assesses the feasibility of a new product or service, by means of research as well as geopolitical analyses. 


Gika Capital seeks to apply the same process-driven, active management philosophy that has served the firm well with other asset classes.


Gika Capital may seek to take positions that result in gaining control of, or a substantial minority stake in, private companies. These positions may have longer investment horizons.


Gika Capital implies the evaluation of a number of factors. How much will the idea cost to run and implement? How will this affect our company and investment decisions?

Concept development

Gika Capital assesses each investment and market development, in reaction to products or services before investing. That's a structured way of getting good yields.

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How do we do it?

The Gika Capital’s security selection process is thus focused on free-cash-flow metrics as opposed to traditional accounting-based metrics. In our view, the key to producing superior risk-adjusted equity returns are the identification of companies with a consistent ability to both generate free cash flow and to properly allocate it among internal reinvestment opportunities, acquisitions, dividends, share repurchases and debt repayments.

Risk controls are integrated in both the security selection and portfolio construction process to manage aggregation risk exposures and increase the efficiency of the portfolio in terms of risk versus reward

Before making an investment, we analyze a company as if we were looking to purchase the entire business. We invest in businesses with understandable operational models, transparent financial statements, and a proven ability to generate free cash flow. We also seek securities that, in our view, have unrecognized potential.

- Distinct investment philosophy based on free-cash-flow generation, its allocation, and an emphasis o- portfolio risk management
- Seasoned team of investment professionals
- Broad insights on macro and fundamental investment issues
- Focus on helping our clients achieve their investment goals
 - Record of superior relative and risk-adjusted returns
- Strong capital structure, robust infrastructure, and transparency of business practices

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